Tuning Empire is one of the leading providers of luxury automotive accessories, customizing and tuning parts for selected prestige and European vehicles. No other company combines the depth of tuning products and specialist customisation services like Tuning Empire.

Our dedicated team of product consultants is available to answer all your questions about products, prices and shipping. We work pretty much 24/7 and can react quickly to all product enquires and customer wishes.

Our utmost priority is the right and honest consultation to our customers, while offering a wide range of vehicle customisation products from selected and well established tuners, at most competitive prices.

All our customers are returning customers who enjoy our fair approach with a long lasting relationship in mind.

Partner companies like automotive workshops, car dealers, tyre shops, body and smash repairs and of course our retail customers benefit from our great relationships with our suppliers and therefore enjoy all the products at prices to beat.

Pair low prices with great customer service, largest selection of tuning and performance parts in Europe and quick delivery times and you have our success formula – it is that simple.

We are offering streamlined access to products from all around the world, where communication or access by retail customers may be difficult and the knowledge of suppliers and quality is limited.

Further, we provide to our customers and business partners worldwide, access to all leading German, European, Asian, Russian and US tuning brands – all out of ‘one hand’.

You let us know what parts you are after or enjoy browsing through our extensive range in various product categories. We provide a tailored price quote with delivery to your final destination.

2 main factors give us the edge in this industry and provide you the best price possible:

a) Maximum purchase discount with our suppliers due to long relationship and large turnover + own production facilities

b) Best value delivery option. Often suppliers choose an unfavourable delivery option like expensive courier delivery or high priced freight forwarder. We evaluate every item, its weight and measurements and choose the best value dispatch option, saving you again on costs.

Our logistics department takes care of all necessary steps in the transport supply chain until you have received your goods safely. All goods we send out are insured, so there is little to no worry involved at your end in case something unforeseen happens or goods arrive damaged. 

Further services we offer:

Consolidation and re-packaging of products from various suppliers resulting in freight cost savings. We optimise the packaging of multiple products e.g. into one box, saving you on freight costs especially for cost sensitive air freight shipments.

We always select the most efficient transport option, reducing the shipping costs to a minimum. Most of the times we deliver door-to-door.

- Safe you high administration costs as you deal only with one partner and have access to over 100 companies in the industry at once.

When buying tuning parts from our extensive range of performance and enhancement products for your vehicle, you can rest assured that the product you will receive is of highest quality, delivered to your door step with full customer service, long after the product is fitted to your car. Our advantage is a long and close cooperation with our partners, understanding of the suppliers standing in the tuning and customisation industry, their manufacturing quality of products and of course ability to offer competitive pricing.

If you do not see a product on our website that you are looking for, please enquire before assuming that we do not offer it. We are constantly working to expand our range and operations and offer our site users more products each and every week.

Aftermarket Car Enhancement and Modification

Looking to put that extra spark in your ride? Perhaps you are not satisfied with the “one mould fits all” car manufacturers approach? Ask our experts about ideas while you learn about our entire range and tuning options. We advise you what products fit, which package is good for your budget and answer all technical questions you may have.

Product Listings

At Tuning Empire our product descriptions are not designed or intended to replace your personal product knowledge, experience and research. Our goal is to be as accurate and complete as possible in all our product descriptions, pictures and information. Occasional error may occur during product uploading and we therefore cannot guarantee against any typographical errors or information. 

Consultation & Product Knowledge

Each Tuning Empire team member has a very strong knowledge and passion for modifying high end European cars. We see ourselves not only a distributor, but as your personal advisor to help you build your vehicle properly and exactly the way you want it. Where the possibilities seem to be endless, we are here to guide and assist you to make the right choice in terms of the product and its quality. With years of experience in the modification industry, we have developed an aftermarket performance parts distribution company which truly connects the needs of consumers to the product development capabilities of manufacturers.

Complete conversions are our speciality.

Our partners go great length and put a lot of effort into R+D to develop the perfect 'street machines'. Usually a complete modified car comprises of : a full wide body kit, where new front bumper matches the wider wheel arch extensions, flows into side skirts and rear arch extensions to perfectly match the new rear bumper bar.

New, wider and larger wheels are paired with the kit so they sit perfectly flush with the fenders creating a dynamic and elegant look. The unwanted gap between the new low profile tyres and the guards is reduced by a set of lowering springs or for cars with air suspension by means of an electronic lowering module.

The right sound comes from a power optimised exhaust system with larger tailpipes to match new rear bar and diffuser. Often such conversions get their 'own' name like HAMANN TYCOON 'EVO' or TECHART MAGNUM and are even classified as own, independent vehicles.

Optionally customers can round off the package with a new, more aggressive looking carbon bonnet and carbon fiber accessories like carbon mirror covers, carbon front lip spoiler, carbon fiber rear diffuser or rear wing. Interior can be upgraded with a new sportier, thicker and ergonomically shaped steering wheel as well as new interior panels. Various colours of carbon fiber are possible as well as steering wheel upgrade materials like alacantara or perforated leather. Power upgrades are available as well and start with a software upgrade stage I, over to stage II with downpipes and high flow catalic converters up to the forced induction turbo and supercharger upgrade kits.

OEM Parts  = Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts / Original Car Parts
We specialise in luxury OEM parts, hard to get items, body kits, Bumpers,  Wheels,  Carbon parts, Brakes, Steering wheels, Airbags, Seats etc from all leading car manufacturers.

Ask us for price quote.

OEM Aston Martin parts, OEM Audi parts, OEM Bentley, OEM Bugatti parts, OEM BMW parts, OEM Ferrari parts, OEM Lamborghini parts, OEM Maserati parts, OEM Mclaren parts, OEM Mercedes-Benz parts, Mercedes-AMG parts,  OEM Porsche parts, OEM Range Rover parts, OEM Rolls-Royce parts and selected others.



  • ABT Sportsline - Tuning program for Audi and Volkswagen
  • AC Schnitzer - Tuning for BMW and Mini
  • A.R.T Tuning - Program for Mercedes, Porsche and Range Rover
  • BRABUS - Tuning program for Mercedes Benz
  • CARACTERE - Tuning program for Audi and Volkswagen
  • DMC Exotic car tuning
  • HAMANN Motorsports - Tuning program for BMW, Range Rover, Porsche and other vehicles
  • HARTGE - Tuning program for BMW and Mini
  • HOFELE Design - Aerodynamic program for Audi, VW, Porsche and Mercedes cars
  • KLEEMANN - Tuning program for Mercedes Benz and AMG cars
  • LUMMA Design - Program for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Range Rover
  • MANSORY & MANSORY Switzerland - Exclusive tuning programs for European cars
  • MTM - Motoren Technik Mayer - Tuning for VW, Audi, Bentley, Porsche and other cars
  • NOVITEC Rosso - Tuning program for Ferrari
  • NOVITEC Tridente - Tuning program for Maserati
  • NOVITEC Torado - Tuning program for Lamborghini
  • ONYX Concept - Tuning program for Range Rover, Bentley, Porsche etc
  • PRIOR Design - Aerodynamics for Europen cars
  • REVERE London - Program for Range Rover, BMW, Audi, Porsche and other cars
  • RIEGER Tuning - Program for various European cars
  • TECHART - Program for Porsche
  • VORSTEINER - Aerodynamics and wheels program for various luxurious cars

and many others..

Click HERE for full list of our suppliers.


  • ADV1 wheels
  • BC Forged wheels
  • PUR wheels
  • NICHE wheels
  • VELLANO wheels
  • VORSTEINER wheels
  • ASANTI wheels
  • VOSSEN wheels
  • MB Wheels
  • MORR wheels
  • HRE wheels

and many more German, European and US wheel brands


  • CAPRISTO Exhaust systems
  • EISENMANN Exhaust systems
  • HMS Tuning Exhaust systems
  • SUPERSPRINT Exhaust systems
  • GT Haus Meisterschaft

and others..


  • Heffners Performance - Turbo upgrades for exotics and sports cars (Audi R8, Lamborghini, Ferrari etc)
  • HGP Turbo Germany - Volkswagen and Audi turbo upgrades
  • VF Engineering - Superchargers for Audi, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and VW


  • MOV'IT Ceramic and Steel Brake Systems, Made in Germany
  • TAROX Brakes Italy
  • BREMBO Brakes


  • 100% real Carbon fibre lamination service for all interior and small to mid size exterior part
  • Full custom service for all steering wheels. Carbon, leather, suede leather or alcantara etc.

and many more.

Looking for something special ? Your desired supplier or product not listed? Ask us today ! We are looking forward to receiving your enquiry !